First Track GPS

First Track GPS, LLC is a Missouri company founded with a background based upon criminal pre-trial release. Its owners and managers are well respected in the criminal defense and judicial communities. Their expertise in the posting of bail and producing absconding defendants has made their involvement and addition of electronic monitoring an ideal complement to judicial pre-trial alternatives.

About First Track GPS

The Features

Real-Time Offender Location
Anti-Tampering Technology
24/7 Monitoring
Violation Alerts

Meet Our Team

Terry Marshall

With nearly 20 years in the Bail Bond Industry, Terry added GPS monitoring to his growing Bail Bond business in 2009. His experience in this industry, along with nearly 30 years of government service, allows him to understand the working of government and the vital role GPS plays.

Brenda Marshall

With over two decades of bail bond services, Brenda has worked with thousands of offenders and their families. She has been with First Track GPS since its inception.

Crystal Copeland

Co Owner of First Track GPS and a crucial part of the day to day business. From her role as monitoring agent and owner, she is a vital link between the company and the judicial system. Often called upon by the courts to testify regarding the movements and violations of offenders.