Offender Monitoring

Track your offender 24/7 
No matter where they are

The benefits of First Track GPS


Defendant & Victim Benefits


  • Allows some defendants to be released awaiting trial while still being under observation of authority

  • Defendants may: live with families, keep jobs and remain productive members of the community

  • Ensures compliance with court mandated curfews

  • Reduces the chance of repeat offenses and deters new crimes

Domestic Violence:

  • Establish exclusion zones to alert when offender is near know location of victim

  • Personal unit available for victim to be notified of chance meeting


Post Conviction:

  • Ensures compliance with Court Orders and Probation & Parole Directives

  • Monitors sex offenders


House Arrest:


Alternative to Incarceration:

  • Additional sentencing options

  • Significant savings to State, County & Local governments over incarceration